Small stories that make for big emotions. LE PETIT STORY is the new brand of “soulful jewellery”,
delicately unveiling itself through small stories of everyday life whose elegant simplicity stirs and
The jewellery collections encompass bewitching short stories of female inspiration. Little by little,
a romantic approach is used to reveal stories of moments and memories which suddenly stirred
the emotions, making a fragment of daily life sweeter.
This is the common thread of the short “histoires à porter” which star in the creative universe of
LE PETIT STORY, where every jewel expresses the delicate balance between creative fantasy and
moments of joy.

The first little-big LE PETIT STORY embraces the tender-hearted world of animals, raising funds for
less fortunate furry friends. LE PETIT STORY will be working alongside OIPA, the International
Animal Protection Organisation, with its initiative entitled “LE PETIT STORY LOVES DOG&KITTY”, to
support important projects and initiatives for abandoned and sick pets in 2018 and 2019.
The brand’s values embrace the lives of all women, encouraging them to celebrate complicity, let
themselves go with a positive flow, and find a daily dose of joy in friendship and good deeds.